Protection against Legal Claims under Product Liability Coverage


Business owners are at risk when products or goods sold by them although they may not be the manufacturer, distributor, supplier, middleman or a retailer but when they face the consequence of legal claims arising against death/bodily injury or damage to property to a third party who is the sufferer of defective products, thereby product liability insurance protects negligence and other such risks.

  1. Businesses will be held responsible when goods sold by them have defective designs thereby causing injury or damage to property to the Third Party.
  2. When warnings about the use of products are not mentioned thereby when a third party uses in a wrong manner may cause injury or damage to property.
  3. Product Liability Insurance covers the cost of hospital treatment which causes bodily injury or at times death due to the usage of defective products to the Third Party.

Product Liability Insurance is really beneficial to all businesses as they are protected against losses arising from legal claims.