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Protecting Your Small Business With Product Liability Insurance Coverage


Any business with a product to sell should look into the purchase of a product liability insurance policy. Product liability coverage provides the financial protection you need in the event of an injury or property damage that results from use of the product you sell of the service you provide. How much risk does a product you sell actually carry? The types of product liability claims that may be...

The Types Of Coverage in General Liability for Protection


General liability insurance is typically something any new business should check into. With so many risks of lawsuits, medical expenses arising from injury or damage on the business property, and claims of slander or libel that can come up (even through the form of advertising), a business owner has to be prepared to have the business protected should any of these claims or suits arise. When...

Protection against Legal Claims under Product Liability Coverage


Business owners are at risk when products or goods sold by them although they may not be the manufacturer, distributor, supplier, middleman or a retailer but when they face the consequence of legal claims arising against death/bodily injury or damage to property to a third party who is the sufferer of defective products, thereby product liability insurance protects negligence and other such risks...

Ensuring Safety Coupled With a Product Liability Insurance Policy


Just because a business is covered by a product liability insurance policy, the business can be indifferent about ensuring safety to its employees as well as its customers. In some cases, employees who suffer an injury because of a product that its employer makes may still sue its employer. However, it can be a rare occurrence since employees are covered by The Workers Compensation Act. The...

Are You Aware of the True worth of Liability Insurance for Products?


Insurance policies are meant to shield people from harms. The types of insurance include automobile insurance (insures automobiles in case of damages), house insurance (shields the owner in case of losses), health insurance (handles hospital expenses), life insurance (helpful in burial expenses and takes care of the heirs). Product liability insurance in an uncommon type of insurance coverage and...

Why Most Any Business Should Have Proper Insurance Coverage


Small businesses often employ a handful of employees. They are still part of the business assets and therefore, should be protected from liability risks. Safeguarding those employees from risk means placing safeguards when the business uses machines or providing for them when they experience lost income. Employees who travel a lot for sales pitches must be covered with accident insurance or...